Vaadin 7 Certification - where?

Hi guys,

I was wondering where can we get certified for Vaadin? Are there any test centers already providing this certification in Europe? If you are already certified could you pls provide some information about the whole process of ordering and taking the exam?

Hi Jakub,

the Vaadin 7 certification can be done online for a fee of $130 (or 99€) / exam. For more details see:

  • Teemu

Thanks Teemu, I studied the page you mentioned before, but I didn’t find any reference regarding the location/way of taking the test. Might be worth mentioning this right on the page just to avoid any confusion.


I am from India. Is it possible for me to take the Vaadin Certification Exam.
If yes, what are the steps and what is the cost for it?


I am a Organizer of Vaadin India Meetup Group, Join the group from

you will get all the information you required.

Hi, I have to take the free exam for certification this week; How is organized the exam? There are multiple choice questions? It can carry more than once? Thanks!