Vaadin 7 Certification - few questions

I am going to try to pass Vaadin 7 Certification exam and I have a few questions before. I have seen Vaadin Certification Webinar May 30th 2013 on YouTube and if goog understood, it possible to make break an exam and conntinue it for example in few days. Is it valid still ? And How many times can I make such break ?. The second question is: is it still valid, that in case of failing an exam can try again during next 30 days for free ?
Thanks in advance for reply.
Kind regards

Hi Marcin,

yes, you can take a break during the certification exam and you are allowed to do that after each question if you like to do so. The progress of your exam is persisted so that you may resume after a few days with no problems.

There are no free retries anymore, so you need to purchase another attempt if you do not pass the exam.

  • Teemu