Vaadin 7 build (20120705) GWT URL Problem


Looks like there is a typo in URL for the latest build.[i]

instead of[i]

I was not able to create a new project because the vaadin libraries (GWT) weren’t loading.


I suspect that the problem is not in the Vaadin build but in the version of Vaadin plug-in for Eclipse that you are using.

Try to upgrade the plug-in from the update site . It also contains some other fixes and improvements for Vaadin 7.

After upgrading, if necessary, change the version of Vaadin in the project to 6.8.0 (via Project properties → Vaadin) and then back to Vaadin 7 alpha 3 (optionally after manually removing GWT dependencies from the build path). Note that the current version of the plug-in might not add the validation JARs on the build path - but they are not strictly necessary even though GWT compiler will issue some “error” messages.