Vaadin 7 alpha 2 Context menu not show up untill table been refresh

This is just the same like Ticket #7224. I created a table and wanna have the context menu show up after i select one item on table. But the context menu not show up unless i added refreshRowCache() after my selection in valueChange() fucntion. But it cost my app not responsive if i select all items. Is this a bug? Actually i found lot of solved issued which seem reproduced in this 7 alpha 2, can anybody give some explanations?

Sounds like a bug. You could try a nightly out of Vaadin 7 to see if the problem has already been fixed. Otherwise, you could create a new ticket for it.

Thank YOu for your reply, jansson, i would try for the nightly.

As far as I have faced, this problem came back to 7.0.3. We need to call refreshRowCache() to update context menu !

It is actually a different problem. Context menu did not get updated/refreshed event though I removeAllActionHandlers and add new ActionHandler. It was solved with a call to enableContentRefreshing(true)after setting new Action Handler. Sorry for replying to the old thread.