Vaadin 7 Add-On Definition

Hello Vaadin 7 creators and users!

I have a Vaadin 7 Project where I have some custom UI components (until now only extended server-side components) using a custom theme. I would like to reuse my components and theme in more projects in the form of a Vaadin 7 Add-On. I don’t want to make the Add-On public and I don’t use the Vaadin Eclipse Plugin. What is all I have to do in order to define my Add-On? Or where do I find documentation about creating an add-on?

Thank you,

Sabina Mirauta

Hello again,

so I exported my “add-on” project as a jar, but the other projects don’t see the custom theme defined in the add-on. I enshured that the add-on jar has the same structure as vaadin-themes-7.0.0.Beta3 regarding the themes (VAADIN/themes/util/styles.css). The add-on theme imports the chameleon theme and the projects import the add-on theme. What am I missing?
I also tried without any Java custom components, I did only a project with my custom theme with identical structure as vaadin-themes. Still not working… Maybe I must do more than this. But what?
Please help…
Sabina Mirauta