Vaadin (7.6.3) View PDF


i want to view PDF in my application. In a other project i use the embedded component.
How to use this Prolem?


Hallo Vaadin exprerts,

the problem is still there.

I use Vaaadin 7.6.3 and Spring boot.

This is my method:

public void setPdfEmbedded() { BrowserFrame browser = new BrowserFrame(); browser.setSource( new ExternalResource("http://localhost:8080/VAADIN/themes/demo/documents/help.pdf")); //browser.setSource( new ThemeResource("documents/help.pdf")); browser.setWidth("100%"); browser.setHeight("600px"); addComponent(browser); } if I use
browser.setSource( new ExternalResource(“”));
the page appears.
But then I shown pdf, nothing…

What may I do?
Please Help!

Thanks Patrick