Vaadin 7.4 Grid - Reorder and Resizing Column by User


I have started with Vaadin some week ago and notice now, that Vaadin 7.4 uses Grid instead of Tables. Everything works fine, but I miss the possibility to reorder the Column in the Grid and to resize the Column in the Grid.

Is there a tutorial for Girds besides the one in the book of Vaadin? How can I mange it?




There are still some Table features that are not “ported” to the Grid. IIRC these are on the queue to 7.5 release, until that you can naturarally still go with Table.


Thanks Matti,

is there a list of grid features that you will be adding to 7.5?

what is the approx time frame for 7.5?




From you can see more specific plans (per ticket).


I don’t find setVisibleColumns(…) for Grid. Am I right that this is not ported, too. Is there a workarround?

I think that Grid.removeColumn(propertyId) is the way to hide column(s) from the Grid.
It does not remove column from the container but drop it out from column list.

Thanks Vesa, I will try it. But it sounds good.

Another question about Grids, so I hope it is okay that I use this thread again.

I create a Contrainer and use it for the Grid:

container = new BeanItemContainer(MyBean.class);



Now, I select a bean from myBeanList, connect it into a Form with bindings. After the commit to the Bindings, everythings look fine with the Bean, but the Grid will not be updated? Is there a fire-Method I can call?

I helped me with this, but I think it can not be correct to do that this way:

ui.getContainer().getContainerProperty(myBean, “modifyUser”).setValue(myBean.getModifyUser());

Hi All,

I just start using vaadin 7.4.2 version, but I am facing issues Grid.
When ever I try to load the page where we are using Grid feature, it gives me an error that widgetset does not contain the implementation for com.vaadin.ui.Grid.

Any idea for this