Vaadin 7.2.2 broke our Tab implementing class - how to fix?

We have the following class:

protected class ButtonTab extends Button implements ComponentTab {

private Component component;

public Component getComponent() {
return component;

// Other methods follow

After updating from Vaadin 7.1 to 7.2.2, we now get this error:

“ButtonTab is not abstract and does not override abstract method getDefaultFocusComponent()”

Looks like we need to return a Focusable from the required getDefaultFocusComponent. However, simply changing the private member of our ButtonTab class from Component to FocusableComponent or somethign like that would break other code.

What is the recommended approach?

Hello Paolo,

So you are customizing the Tab-interface? As the name implies the DefaultFocusComponent is the component that gets focus when you open the tab. I believe this is different from the Component that you now have as a private field. The interface contains also a setter for the DefaultFocusComponent so why not just add a field for that?

Best regards,