Vaadin 7.1.8 Uncaught client side exception

after migration from Vaadin 7.0.3 to Vaadin 7.1.8, Vaadin client side produce Exception when mouseenter/mouseleave event over Chrome plugin (NPAPI plugin / OBJECT).

creation plugin object code:

            Label pluginContainer = new Label("<OBJECT ID=\"chromePluginObj\" NAME=\"chromePluginObj\" WIDTH=\"100%\" HEIGHT=\"100%\" type=\"application/x-umekcc\"></OBJECT>", ContentMode.HTML);

also when i open window (vaadin window) or make other UI changes (Sending state change event), vaadin ?recreate? my object, and browser send NPP_Destroy event to NPAPI plugin, and its destroy:

Maybe there is a possibility to specify Vaadin not recreate my NPAPI plugin object (ignore state change event) ?

stackoverflow post: