Vaadin 6 -> Vaadin 7: Panel -> Layout


I’m no vaadin-pro, but I got an application running unter vaadin 6. I used Panels zu struct different parts of a page and added them to main Panel. The migration to vaadin 7 made it necessary for me to change the Panels to Layouts (I guess it was a design-error from the very start, but I didn’t know - and still don’t know - how to make it good fashion), because one can’t add Compontents to Panels anymore. The result is shown in the screenshot attached. The code follows:

VerticalLayout textFrameLayout.removeAllComponents();
textFrameLayout.addComponent(ComboBox templateComboBox);
textFrameLayout.addComponent(HorizontalLayout sourceInformationLayout);
textFrameLayout.addComponent(HorizontalLayout connectMediaLayout);
textFrameLayout.addComponent(Button publishExpertModeInformationButton);
textFrameLayout.addComponent(Button publishNoobModeInformationButton);

Why do the Layouts appear in front of the others and not under the one added before (as normal in VerticalLayout)? Should I use other components for this type of Design?

Wolfgang Schedl