[Vaadin 6] TreeTable setSpanColumns on a root row causes clientside javascr

It would appear that setting setSpanColumns(true) on a generated row for a treetable root does not work, causing a client side javascript error. Is anyone else able to confirm this?. We are running Vaadin 6.8.10. Please see attached standalone application which demonstrates the error, and screenshots of with and without setSpanColumns(true) set.

It would appear that this is meant to be supported (See http://dev.vaadin.com/ticket/6720), but does not seem to work for us.

I haven’t found any related bug reports already do this, but just want to check on here before submitting a bug on trac.

Thanks, Ryan
13148.java (5.85 KB)

Actually i’m facing a similar problem in Vaadin 7.1.0. When setSpanColumns(true), the treetable header and columns are offset and it doesn’t stretch horizontally. there’s also a javascript error (typeerror) related to this, but coulnd’t get detailed information on this. It’s all fine when setSpanColumns is false.

create a ticket
about this, ideally with a minimal code with which the problem can be reproduced.