Vaadin 6 Table: IE scrolls upwards, Items missing


I’ve got a table that contains roughly 30 items with a page-size of 15 inside a tabsheet. If I scroll all the way down, switch the tab and then switch back to the tab with the table again, in IE the scrollbar of the table jumps back to start-position, but the table-body remains blank. In FF the scrollbar stays where it was before and the table is displayed correctly.

Any suggestions are highly welcome!

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Edit: Some version-info: Vaadin 6.8.10, IE 8 and IE 10 tested.

Hey any chance you found a fix for this? I am having a very similar issue where the contents of a table are disappearing in IE and not in FF or chrome.

create a ticket
about this, with minimal code that allows reproducing the issue if possible.