Vaadin 6.8.9 widgetset compilation using maven problem

Hi Everybody,

I am trying to compile widgetset for Vaadin 6.8.9 using maven and am getting nowhere …
Therefore I have a couple of questions:

  1. If I don’t use vaadin-maven-plugin at all - widgetset gets compiled including any addons I am using BUT
    none of my custom widgets gets compiled - looks like they are skipped during compilation time
  2. If I try to use vaadin-maven-plugin - I get exception during mvn vaadin:update-widgetset:

Internal error in the plugin manager executing goal ‘com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:1.0.2:update-widgetset’: Unable to load the mojo ‘com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin:1.0.2:update-widgetset’ in the plugin ‘com.vaadin:vaadin-maven-plugin’. A required class is missing: org/codehaus/plexus/util/cli/StreamConsumer


What is the purpose of the vaadin-maven-plugin if widgetset can be compiled using gwt-maven plugin ?
So without this vaadin-maven-plugin I can do:

  • mvn clean
  • mvn gwt:clean
  • mvn:gwt:compile

and all works except no custom widgets compiled.

This is what is in my pom.xml:

vaadin-addons central vaadin-snapshots false true com.vaadin vaadin 6.8.9 org.apache.maven.plugins maven-compiler-plugin 3.3 1.7 1.7 maven-clean-plugin 2.4.1 src/main/webapp/VAADIN/widgetsets

and without vaadin-maven-plugin I tried:

org.codehaus.mojo gwt-maven-plugin 2.3.0-1 -Xmx512M -Xss1024k org.adrian.springtest.AppWidgetSet ${basedir}/src/main/webapp/VAADIN/widgetsets OBF true

and with I tried several “combinations”, eg:

com.vaadin vaadin-maven-plugin 1.0.2 update-widgetset


org.codehaus.mojo gwt-maven-plugin 2.3.0-1 ${}/${}/VAADIN/widgetsets -Xmx512M -Xss1024k clean ${}/${} true 8080 false resources compile

Any help appreciated!


I’ve got exactly the same problem,
have you found a solution yet?



Yes I have found - by upgrading to version 7 :wink: