Vaadin 6.7.6 and IE9 problems

Hi all,

I have some strange behaviors in my Vaadin 6.7.6 application in Internet Explorer 9. The application works well in all Browsers I tested (Chrome, Opera, Firefox) and almost in IE9. If I switch IE9 to compatibility mode or to an older IE version everything is fine.

Unfortunately I’m not able to provide the application for code inspection and a simple demo application works as expected, so I try to explain as good as I can.

My application is relatively small but I tried to create as many reusable components as possible, so there can be a deep nesting level. Let me explain the application behavior:

  1. The debug mode is not working in my application. I don’t know why and it works in a simple test application but in my application there only is the loading circle rotating. In all other browsers the application works, even in IE9 in compatibility mode.

  2. My application provides a dynamic form which is created by a kind of template. The form is divided into three parts: one VerticalLayout (upper row) which has width of 100%, a HorizontalLayout below which has width 100% (middle row with columns) and a VerticalLayout with width of 100% as footer.

The dynamic form is presented in a new Window which is shown as modal PopUp. This PopUp does not work in IE9 (but it does in compatibility mode and in all the other browsers). The background is greyed out but the new window is never shown.

I modified the PopUp so the dynamic form creation is not done and the PopUp is shown as expected. After that I added a Button to trigger the dynamic form creation manually. This step must include the resizing of the upper row and the middle row by Vaadin according to the content which is dynamically created. The logic for creating the dynamic Form is done in every browser but in IE9 the resizing seems not to work (it works in compatibility mode), the rows are not updated and nothing is shown.

Currently I’m a little bit desperated. I tried to use the DashLayout addon but the result was the dynamic form was defective in all other browsers, too. I suppose there is something changed in IE9 with some event dispatching or so but I’m not able to fix this or find an workaround.

Did anybody of you have anything similar?

Any help is appreciated,

Did you updated your vaadin.jar recently? If so, then clear your IE cache

Hi Sergey,

thanks for your reply. Clearing the IE cache unfortunately didn’t help.

Can it be possible the content of my PopUp is too complex for IE9?


Do you get any exceptions from the client side code? These should be evident from the GWT development mode console if running the application in development mode. They should also be displayed in Vaadin’s debug console (add ?debug to the URL in the browser) and they might also be shown in the console in IE9’s developer tools (F12).