Vaadin 6.7.0 regressions


We have upgraded our PoC to Vaadin 6.7.0 and we are experiencing a set of very annoying regressions.

click listener on table does not work properly anymore (the first time we select an element it works, then it does not)

A custom field is not displayed, a table is not displayed

CTRL-N used to create an empty new editable form to create a new third party. Now it just switch to edit more in the existing screens

I might imagine that our code was not perfect from start but is there a way to understand where these regressions are coming from. I realize I am not giving a lot of details but I have no clue where that could come from either.


I got also problems with CustomField, the data is not shown.
During resizing the window, the data is partly visible.
I went back to 6.7.0.beta, and the CustomField works again


I’m afraid the 6.7.0 release has just pointed out that our 5500 tests are not enough to guarantee the quality :frowning:

If you have critical deadlines ahead, my personal suggestion (not official Vaadin ltd suggestion) is to stay at 6.6 series until the 6.7 branch stabilizes. We are working hard and hopefully 6.7 branch will soon be the best Vaadin version so far. If you have some time and motivation to help us, I’d starting working days by downloading the latest nightly build of 6.7 branch and providing us some reduced test cases of regressions. is waiting for your contributions.



Adding integration tests for the CustomField might be a good idea (or provide a replacement in Vaadin core). Most of our issues are related to that one. I will dig a bit more for the other issues (click listener on the table, and shortcut mangement)


here is repro of one similar 6.7.0 regression:

  1. create simple editable table with containerDataSource set to BeanItemContainer
  2. add button with listener which add new bean into the table
  3. run the application and click on the button to add new row into EMPTY table - javascript error “b is null” occurs

Interesting bit is that when table already contains some rows, it works.

Just upgraded to 6.7.1 and all these issues are fixed now. I just have a small number representation change. In a textfield with a double validator I had previously “10000” whereas now I have “10000.0”. No clue where the ‘.0’ is coming from.

Other than that, much better than 6.7.0 !


I’d guess that something is now working correctly since I fixed

If you send a test case I can check it, but I’m pretty it is now working as it should. If you want to get rid of that decimal part, you can override getFormattedValue method or use PropertyFormatter.