Vaadin 6.5.1 and mandated Chrome Frame support


I recently updated to Vaadin from 6.4 to 6.5.1, and while I was doing testing on IE 8, Chrome’s language translation suggestion popped up. I thought it was strange, since I hadn’t enabled Chrome Frame on the app. After looking through the source code I found out that since 6.5.0 Vaadin now adds the chrome enabling meta tag automatically. Chrome frame support was mentioned in the
6.5.0 blog post
(which I missed), but not on the
release notes. Perhaps you should add a mention there, as this might be noteworthy change for some? If I had set my IE / Chrome language to Finnish and hadn’t got the translation popup, I might have just concluded that the app works surprisingly well on IE (which has happened before) and wrapped it up. :slight_smile: Also it would be nice to have an easy way (i.e. not by extending AbstractApplicationServlet) to disable this feature; we’re currently targeting IE 7 only (intranet app), and mandated Chrome Frame support complicates things (like testing).

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Sorry about the release notes, I messed up and missed documenting that change.

I created
#6460 - Possibility to turn off Chrome Frame support
for this issue.