Vaadin 6.1 is out

Vaadin 6.1, the first update release for Vaadin 6 is out, get it from

In addition to bug fixes, the release contains various enhancements, such as an updated GWT, performance improvements, Google App Engine support and more. See the list below and the
Release Notes
for details.

  • Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is upgraded to version 1.7. You should recompile custom widget sets using the new version.
  • No more problems with stack memory in Windows when compiling widget sets (#2523, #2891)

  • Performance improvements (general, Table caching)
  • Google App Engine (GAE) support (#2835)
  • Vaadin is now serializable as per (#695)
  • See Release Notes regarding Google App Engine compatibility.

  • Maven support: Vaadin available from central Maven repository (#1862). See the Maven Integration article for more details.
  • Major refactoring of the Button component implementation on the client side. See the section below about Button modifications for more info.
  • New NativeButton component that always uses the native button in the browser. See the section below about Button modifications for more info.
  • New CssLayout layout component
  • A fast low-level layout where the contained components are rendered as trivially as possible under a single div element.
  • Result can be similar to VerticalLayout or HorizontalLayout, depending on CSS, but is noticeably faster.
  • No spacing, alignment or expansion rations, unlike with the more feature rich layouts.
  • No abstraction of browser differences; you need to make sure the CSS supports all the browser that you want your application to support.

  • Full support for Internet Explorer 8

Just tried 6.1 in one of our applications - IE6 performance gain is very noticeable, comparing with 6.0.1.
Did not try new lite layouts yet but at least table caching optimization work great ! :slight_smile:

Apart some incompatibilities or changed styles in reindeer theme (our custom, reindeer based theme begun displaying original reindeer parts on buttons), everything works as usual and nothing seems to be broken.

Great job, guys , thanks !


I did some tests but I can not upload files with Google App Engine, you have any suggestions?

I noticed that not even enter into Receiver and Google logs do not see anything!

Hello, Davide

Please write a
bug report
with a test case so that we can reproduce this issue. Uploading should work correctly in GAE, but as noted in release notes, application is locked during upload and can not send progress bar updates.