Vaadin 24 Grid is much faster then grid in 23.

Good job Vaddiners! And thank you.

Wait for 24.1 - there are the improvements targeted :smirk:

Very good the hear :muscle: Do you have some number to put the “much” into some context? I saw some promising Grid performance enhancements last week in an R&D demo session, but I think those were 24.0 - 24.1 numbers. 23.x → 24.1 numbers might be good motivation for some users to upgrade their systems :sunglasses:

I have a grid with a lot of components and about 200 records. Every row has 8 checkboxes and 2 textfields.
Loading and showing grid from 4 seconds to almost instant ( <1s). And using 24.0.0.

I can say that styling in 24 is much more intuitive.

And even something better. Browsers find function (Ctrl+f) wasn’t working ok on such a grid in 23. Now it’s working as it should.

Interesting positive side effects from an internal refactoring to remove flow-component-renderer

Back to project, just find out, that I am using 24.0.1 pre-release. Sorry for mistake.

All good, your comment still stands. There is no official (or even Alpha) release containing the new 24.1 grid release meaning you already have improvements from 23->24.0 alone (which is a good thing)

Cant wait 24.1. :rocket: