Vaadin 24.1 won't start

Hello I try to create app by Vaadin Start but when i try to run Spring boot App in inteliij it wont start only write error -java: error reading /.m2/repository/com/vaadin/license-checker/1.12.3/license-checker-1.12.3.jar; zip file is empty . Could anyone help me. It’s simple I downloaded from vaadin start my project and import to inteliij and when i try to run this error. No modification or edit files. Pls anyone help.

only one edit in pom use vaadin-core for only free components

Seems like the artifact is corrupted, try to delete the .m2/repository/com/vaadin/license-checker/1.12.3/ folder

It should be downloaded again if you press “Reload maven project” in the IDE

thx for help delete folder works