Vaadin 23: TreeGrid Navigation

I’m looking for a navigation with a child/parent relation, so I thought TreeGrid would be perfect for this as it has everything I need. I start implementing this and then I notice in the best practices its says TreeGrid shouldn’t be used for navigation. Does any one know the reason behind this? If I shouldn’t use this then what should I use?


It’s because this will not be accessible

<= 24.0 :
24.1+ :

Awesome, thanks for the info! I’ll keep an eye for when the official component is released.

24.1 with a preview version of SideNav is due out next Thursday

the @useful-whale are there any plans to backport this to vaadin-23 as migrating to vaadin 24 is not easily possible to most of teams because migration to spring boot 3 and hibernate 6 is quite challenging

What challenges are you facing? We successfully migrate all our Spring Boot projects to 3.1.1

@adaptable-uakari Hibernate 6.2 is the bottleneck in our case as some of the features from hibernate 5.6 are not working in new version also they have added new vl kind of validations which needs a lot of work at our end . So we have decided to live with spring 2.7 and Vaadin 23 for the time being. As our vaadin-8 to vaadin 23 migration is still WIP and we want to finish that first. Currently we have used vcf-nav but using new Side nav component could be even nicer.

I doubt that there will be a backport. Be aware that 2.7 will only be supported until November 2023

@adaptable-uakari I am facing dependency issues when migrating from Hibernate Search from 5 to 6 as all the javax packages were replaced by jakarta and spring-boot-starter-data-jpa does not work with hibernate-core-jakarta . See

So in certain cases it is not as straightforward.

Have you tried with 6.2.0 ? Maven Central: Search

Thanks for the hint, will try this out.

@kismet-antelope no V23 backport is planned, as new features only target the latest major (unless sponsored for an earlier version)

Hibernate Search works with Java EE and Jakarta - you just have to use the correct artefacts. They have provided different artefacts for both “worlds”