Vaadin 23 to 24 upgrade problems

we got some troubles updating an application from version 23 to 24.
It is based on Spring Boot with Kotlin and Gradle and configured for 3 environments: local/dev, staging and production
Locally the application is running on version 24 but on staging and production the containers always say

Running project in development mode with no access to folder ‘/mnt/space/work/camuce/portal’.
Build project in production mode instead, see Deploying to Production | Flow | Vaadin Docs"

Our build platform is space from intellij and the script has not been changed:

What we obviously tried:

  • vaadin.productionMode=true in
  • vaadin { productionMode=true} in build.gradle.kts
  • com.vaadin:flow-server-production-mode dependency

Here are the dependencies with the current versions:

kotlin(“jvm”) version “1.9.23”
kotlin(“plugin.spring”) version “1.9.23”
kotlin(“plugin.jpa”) version “1.9.23”
kotlin(“plugin.allopen”) version “1.9.23”
kotlin(“plugin.noarg”) version “1.9.23”
id(“org.jetbrains.dokka”) version “1.9.20”
id(“org.ajoberstar.grgit”) version “5.2.2”
id(“com.vaadin”) version “24.4.1”
id(“org.springframework.boot”) version “3.1.5”
id(“io.spring.dependency-management”) version “1.1.4”
id(“”) version “3.4.0”

Any ideas? We are stuck in version 23 because of this problem :slight_smile:


No Gradle User; Just a hint:
Vaadin’s latest versions require Spring Boot 3.2+.

Thanks for the hint :-) Also after updating the dependencies I am still stuck at the problem. Meanwhile I gave maven a chance and the problem is gone.