Vaadin 23 problem with going from view1 to view2

I have a problem with the navbar name. So here’s the deal. I have a view (createView) which creates other views (views1 and views2). They are created successfully but after going from createView → view1 everything is ok but view1->view2 the navbar stays with the name of view1. I debugged it and came to the conclusion that when I’m jumping from view1->view2 or the other way around it just skips the afterNavigation() method in which the navbar name is set.

test is the navbar name

It is a H1 element

how do you navigate?

By clicking from one to the other view

And clicking on what? A routerLink?

No a class which is the view

I don’t know how to answer your question without presenting it to you

Please show some code? I don’t understand that a view should create another view.

A view has a Route annotation and is created by vaadin

If I show you some code I have to show you like 10 classes which is illegal to do

Now do you get it ?

I want you to tell me how this afterNavigation method randomly stops being called

I 've read the documantation which is really really common

And it says that there are listeners which can postpone this method

But what listeners

I have to ask god I guess for specifications :smile:

Or just I’m not enough into vaadin so I can understand it …

In my project right before this method afterNavigation there’s addClickListeners method

And all of the views go through those methods