[Vaadin 23] Loanding/Preloading indicator error

I have a problem with loading indicator in my Vaadin spring project:

When I change LoadingIndicatorConfiguration in my spring application, change only internal async loading and not first UI components loading (EX: your “Vaadin” loading on official website).

Essentially it doesn’t remove the default loading indicator on first page loading but only in secondary loadings.

Thanks in advance.

Can you please share some code to show your setup?

I followed the official documentation but it doesn’t work , I modified the stylesheet and I actually created my custom loading indicator and it works as well except that it doesn’t work on the first loading of the page (the custom loading indicator in the first loading remains).

Known issue - workaround is in this issue https://github.com/vaadin/flow/issues/6824#issuecomment-635291172