Vaadin 23: Ignoring update for disabled return channel

I am seeing a lot of warning messages like this in my Vaadin 23 application logs. Is this anything to be concerned about? If so, what is the root cause?
WARN [2023-06-26T14:08:35,794] communication.ReturnChannelHandler - Ignoring update for disabled return channel: {“type”:“channel”,“node”:3122,“channel”:8,“args”:[null]}

This is related to disabled components on the server side registering events on the client side. So you either have some flaws in your application logic or some script kiddie is having fun poking at your app.

I think I’ve pretty much ruled out any malicious activity. Any idea what sort of logic flaws could cause this? Of course the error never appears in our development environment or when I use the application.

Hard to say… I would probably check all fields / components that I’ve setEnabled(false) in the application and check if those changes, when and why