Vaadin 23 Components are not imported.

I’m using Grid in Vaadin 23. Some components are not imported in IDE.
Component to Hide/Show Columns visibility uses ColumnToggleContextMenu Object
There’s no way to import that dependency. I can’t even find out any API documentation on ColumnToggleContextMenu

Such a class does not exist. Please open the full source code example of the docs example to see the nested class there.

i don’t get what you mean with “does not exist”


is this official right ?

Left button on the top right ~> show all source code

It’s NO official component. It’s just a simple 3-liner in the docs

oh :laughing:

ok it’s clear now

thank you, i was sure that 'show code ’ was the full code

There are three dots showing that there should be more but not really visible if you aren’t used to it (@resilient-meerkat another example)