Vaadin 14 upgrade to 23 Dev mode broken

Hi. I am trying to migrate 14.2.x to 23.2.9.
In dev mode View is displayed, but without flow comps (attached logs). Production mode is ok.
config: v 23.2.9, java 11, Vaadin CDI

Do you use Brave?

Brave doesn’t work :wink: see

tnx. The same problem in on Edge and Chrome, chromium engine problem?

Nope only Brave (at least it was :sweat_smile:)

I just tried on Win10, firefox 107.0.1, Edge 107.0.1418.62, chrome 108.0.5359.71 . All broken.

Hmm sounds like something else then…

Try to remove all .node files fromo projects and do invalidate caches in idea.

Mr. propper done… Problem exists.