Vaadin 14 to 24 Migration issues

Can someone let me know the alternative for this properties.put(InitParameters.SERVLET_PARAMETER_COMPATIBILITY_MODE, "true"). This is not available in V24

and I do not know whether this is really needed or not. I see this in V14 project

It’s gone and should only be needed if your project depends on old bower dependencies

I can remove it right

                .thenReturn(new DefaultDeploymentConfiguration(

                        VaadinServletService.class, getDeploymentProperties()));```

This is a different issue

Here DefaultDeploymentConfiguration is expecting a parameter ApplicationConfiguration parentConfig. I do not know what to pass there

Not finding any examples also in google

Of course you aren’t find anything, you are mocking the internals of Vaadin. Only resource available that could help are Vaadin’s own Unit Tests where they mock their environment.