Vaadin 14 question: MPR + Vaadin 7

We are in the very beginning stages of converting our app from Vaadin 7 to Vaadin 13+. At this point, we have a mostly working app that is MPR + Vaadin 7. The only thing that is currently using Flow stuff is the outermost shell, as per the MPR migration guide. I currently use the Navigator route ( ). Also, I use a custom Vaadin 7 style via MprTheme, and thus do not use @HtmlImport yet to import any style stuff. I am having some visual problems with IE that I was sort of hoping to fix with App Layout, which of course has API changes between Vaadin 13 and Vaadin 14. Really don’t want to have to change that in a month or so when Vaadin 14 is officially released. According to, Vaadin 14 is mostly ready, but that we would need to use compatibility mode. Now, for our app, as implied above, we just started it, which means I don’t use any new or advanced features yet. So should I use compatibility mode in my MPR + Vaadin 7 situation, or should I go with the official migration steps