Vaadin 14 mvn spring-boot:run java.nio.file.D

Hi everytime i try to run mvn spring-boot:run

2019-09-27 10:28:47.765 ERROR 18068 — [ main]
[/] : Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class [com.vaadin.flow.spring.VaadinServl
etContextInitializer$DevModeServletContextListener] java.nio.file.DirectoryNotEmptyException: C:\Users\rvirayii\project2019\myvisitormanagement\node_modules@polymer

I need to delete my node_module folder everytime i run this maven command. May i ask if i have a settings problem ?
Have you experience this before ? what is your solution ? Thanks Cheers

Hi, i am encountering the same issue, has this been solved already?