vaadin 14 multiple grid in same layout

I want to create two grid in same horizontalLayout and full width and full height any idea.(In single grid it is working very fine .But two grid at the same time it is not displayed why?)

does your horizontalLayout have full height?

Hi! What do you mean full width? both grids with 50% - 50% width? Could you share a browser screenshot what it looks like?

In single grid it is working fine .horizontalLayout have full size.

i want to height size full in grid .

please show your code

i will attached my code

grid1.txt (1.02 KB)

in this mainlayout i add to is not showing grid…

i got this result

i will share sample code and screen.

Try mainLayout.expand(horizontalLayout_1);

It’s the same as yesterday. Apply a height to your surroundings.

in single grid it is working full height.But two grid it is not showing sir…

i will try but it is not working…

grid-sample.txt (6.15 KB)

give me any reply!!

FYI: It seems we’ve solved it. The height of the grids works as it should, but they are located in a tab and there was a problem with the settings of the tab. Thanks for your help guys!