Vaadin 14 lost conection when 2 project open in intelij

When I have more than 1 project running in my Intelij the vaadin always lost the connection with my browser if I change between apps, for sample I have one vaadin project (vaadin 14 without springboot) and 1 springboot project running at the same time, I enter in my app at my browser, but If I change to my springboot project to look for some code, and back to my browser the vaadin lost the conection so I need to STOP and RESTART my vaadin Project, I already try to put in my springboot application the propertie but withou success

When I back to my browser sometimes the project reload (without a change anything) and I got the error: “Assertation Failed” or “another task are running” or something like this

Can someone help please?


I think you need to use a different port number

@vital-koala but I use one port for each project (my front with vaadin uses 8080 and my back end with springboot uses 8282)

You’ll probably need a different hostname, too. See java - How to run two spring boot applications on same server? - Stack Overflow

@vital-koala like I say in my post I alread try this… " "

Double check that actually gets used. And use another hostname.

can I change this at mu vaadin application? when I run jetty-run ?? tks