vaadin 14 grid

vaadin 8 setDescriptionGenerator and setStyleGenerator in vaadin 14 grid how to use ?

the documentation is your friend:

no equivalent to DescriptionGenerator yet – it’s coming in V23.3 as TooltipGenerator

v14 grid data i need tooltip not available sir?

not in v14 no

ok sir! Another query sir image with tooltip i need sir any idea?

You can apply the title Attribute to the image

image.getElement.setAttribute(“title”, “some text”);

or you could set the alt text:

image.setAlt(“some text”);

html content…

Not possible

I need image with html content any idea? vaadin 8 it is possible why in v14 not possible?

Because it was removed. You have to build your own solution.

I know alternative solution is there are not?

not sure if this addon supports html but you could have a look:

ok sir