Vaadin 14 Grid no longer work in IOS 13.2

Dear Vaadin Team,

  • since the update to iOS 13.2 you can no longer scroll in the grid.
  • BrowserDetails also not work anymore for iOS devices.
    Is the problem known?

Kind regards Jan

Hi, can you please create tickets for these issues? for the Grid one and for the BrowserDetails.


Hi Jan,

according to the feedback from our development team, this issue has been fixed.
we will try to ship it with the next maintenance release.



I’m having a similar issue but when a grid is in a dialog. I found out that someone else is having the same problem is iOS 13 update ( There is workaround, but it didn’t work for me.

Can you help me with some ideas? I tried updating Vaadin to the latest version, also updating to the latest version of iOS (it worked in my iPhone, but with iPadOS is still not working), also tried adding some CSS but none of them worked.

Any kind of help will be appreciated.

Best regards.