Vaadin 14 ComboBox Flickering Issue

Hi Guys, I’am experiencing an issue with the ComboBox component that always flickering when opening the list selection at first time click. This is strange thing because the component’s elements stay the same. I check it and found this only occurs on ComboBox inside column width (not in full width).

I use Vaadin 14.1.2 and it occur on Safari and Google Chrome on OS X. I guess this is a browser specific issue because the issue does not appear with chrome on windows on my colleague’s machine.

Has anyone knows this issue? Your help is very appreciated.

Just to clarify that the issue occur after upgrading my app from vaadin 10 to vaadin 14. Also tested, the issue occurred in Chrome and Edge on Windows

Below is the issue looks like


I just started noticing this. Any solutions found?

No workaround atm, I have refactoring my layout to use webcomponent instead of Java class and unfortunately the issue still persist :frowning:

This issue is resolved by removing the absolute position (CSS {position:“absolute”}) from container, that’s style have been there since I was creating my Project with Bakery App Starter.

Of course after removing the absolute position, the layout will broke and you must fix it by your self.