Vaadin 14 application WAR with external JAR installed in Tomcat

Hello, all.

I have got a Vaadin 14 application which I would like to take out a JAR from, for I need to share the latter with multiple other applications, everything living on the same Tomcat.
Both the WAR application and the JAR library are making use of Vaadin.

The pieces of the puzzle are the following:

  • my-app: Vaadin 14 app using Maven, it includes my-lib with the “provided” scope
  • my-lib: a library using some of Vaadin features
  • Tomcat 8: I would like to deploy here the my-app.war and install my-lib.jar in the shared lib folder

Going deeper on the details:
my-app uses classes and types from my-lib, some of which are utilities (db stuff, for instance), while some others extend Vaadin components - e.g.:

// From my-app project

@Route(value = "", layout = Layout.class)
@RouteAlias(value = "home", layout = Layout.class)
public class MainView extends HomePage { ... }
// From my-lib project

public class HomePage extends Div implements HasComponents { ... }

public class Layout extends VerticalLayout implements HasComponents, RouterLayout { ... }

If I build my-app as a single WAR containing my-lib (therefore, including the library with “compile” scope in Maven), everything is working well.
But when I try to deploy said WAR without my-lib.jar (“provided” scope in Maven) - which I install in the shared Tomcat lib folder -, the application doesn’t work anymore. All I get is an error stating that the route cannot be found, regardless of the address I type in the browser (notice, I have got a page with both “” and “home” routes… which work building with the “compile” scope).

How can I achieve having that library installed in Tomcat without having to include it into my applications WAR files?
Is it possible?

Thanks so much for your help.