Vaadin 10 packages for download

Is there a place where I can get ready to use packaged Vaadin 10 (beta) jars for evaluating purposes?

The packages are deployed to

You can also find the downloaded packages from your local Maven cache ${user.home}/.m2 after building a Vaadin 10 project.

Thanks for the Link.
Isn’t there an all-in-one package like for vaadin-7 and vaadin-8. since we have integrated vaadin in our own project with lots of dependencies. it would be easier to get a package containing all the libs so we can avoid conflicts etc…

Thanks in advance.

Hi Aziz,

We haven’t released any all-in-one.jar packages at least so far. Why don’t you just handle all the dependencies with Maven?

You could of course clone the project from GitHub and run your custom Maven build to create a fat jar with all the dependencies if you really need everything in one jar-package.

Alejandro Duarte explained how to download all jars inside forum thread: