Vaadin 10 Java example without tons of HTML and JavaScript

Dear Vaadin Developers!

I’m Java developer and I’m going to start the new project. I have the very limited client-side development skills and this is why I really love the idea of Vaadin framework. I have evaluated Vaadin 10 Bakery App Starter application and was really surprised by the amount of custom HTML/CSS/JavaScript written in order to make this application up and running. Right now I’m really confused with this and don’t understand how it can simplify my developers life. The only application I can apply as my project starter for now is the famous QuickTickets Dashboard where all UI is implemented purely in Java. The biggest issue for now is that this application is implemented on Vaadin 8 and I’m unable to find its version for Vaadin 10. Do you have something similar for Vaadin 10? If no, do you have the migration guide from Vaadin 8 to Vaadin 10 that I can use in order to try to port this application to the Vaadin 10?



Bakery is indeed using many declarative HTML template files along with a bunch of JavaScript to in order to showcase the new features that are available with Vaadin 10. It’s still not necessary to use these features to build great apps with Vaadin 10, even though some things might be less cumbersome to implement in that way (assuming you’re comfortable with those technologies).

There’s also a slightly simpler
Beverage Buddy
starter which is also available at
that you can use as a starting point. It still has one declarative HTML template, but that one is quite simple and only has a couple of lines of JavaScript in addition to the standard boilerplate that is needed in each template file. It should also be quite straightforward to implement the same functionality without any template as all since the template only descirbes the layout of that view but doesn’t provide any actual functionality of its own.

The Dasboard demo uses quite much CSS (through Sass) for acheiving the visual look and feel of that application. If you want to try migrating it to Vaadin 10, you can have a look at the migration guide that is currently
being reviewed
for inclusion into the official documentation. Once the review is completed, that URL will probably not work any more, but by then the content should already be available elsewhere.

thanks for your answer!