Vaadin 10+ designer and PostgreSql Databases Connection using Hibernate.

I recently started using vaadin 14 and it was a great experience. So after using the core vaadin I decided to move on to the Vaadin Designer and downloaded the trial version(14 days). As a practice project I build a simple form and tried to insert the form data into the PostgreSql Database. We’re using Entity class for Getters & Setters and JPARepository for updating data. But as the data moves to the Repository, it throws NullPointerException while saving data. Every object is @Autowired and there are no CompilationErrors. So your help would be greatly appreciated.

Nice to hear that you like Vaadin 14!

Vaadin Designer doesn’t seem to be part of the problem as Designer is for laying out the forms, and what you seem to have is a backend problem. (Usually) layouts are hooked to views, views are hooked to a backend, and the backend is hooked to a database.

Based on your description, I’m not really sure what part is giving the error. A entity that should be autowired is null? Could you post the stacktrace? It would help others (and me) to maybe pinpoint on what is going wrong, or at least understanding the scope.