v23 does not work without an internet connection !?

I critically depend on the ability to run from localhost without an internet connection. As soon a I disconnect from the internet, I get the black “connection lost”.
If I start the application without an internet connection, nothing loads (only the black bar and a white page, or just a white page)
I do NOT have a PWA annotation defined. The application does checks for vite and a bunch of files that fail with 404 when the application starts.

Knowns issue atm, workaround can be seen in the thread https://github.com/vaadin/flow/issues/13616

Thanks, will try ! I actually take the “critically” 99.9% of my situations are connected to a local router that is NOT connected to the internet, in which case things appear to work.

99,9% of your situation it works - internet is not required, just some active network

Got it. Workaround worked (after locating index.ts, copying, fixing the relative path, and using the (window as any).Vaadin.connectionState.connectionState='connected'; syntax.
I’ve been using Vaadin since the very first non ITMill release and am still delighted at the reaction speed.