V-Leaflet map addon with HTTPS server

Dear friends!
Hope You can help, I’m using Vaadin V-Leaflet addon
in my project. If I deploying it with instructions in “web.xml” to use secure http (https), map is unavaliable (don’t loading and display). In case of http it works fine. What can I do to fix this issue?

Mixed content warning? Could you load your base map from an https service? E.g.
mapbox offers ssl
for all customers.


Thanks! But I want to use OpenStreetMap, Google Maps and also want io implement many others… MapBox has very poor maps for our geograpfic location.

Could you load your base map from an https service?
I have load OpenStreetLayer and two Google Map Layers (Shramov add-on, street and satellite) using method “addBaseLayer()”.
Please, tell some more detailed how can I load maps using https. Thank You for making this add-on!

Thank You Matti, issue with https partially solved (You are right - mixed content), all works but rather unstable - in google chome Google layers (Shramov add-on) are hidden (only OSM), in safari all layers avaliable… Any advice?
But I’m strongly interested in my previous question about implementiong new “javascript” maps for V-Leaflet
and I would be very grateful if You can comment it. I believe that the question is relevant because OpenLayers add-on is not supported in Vaadin 7.x.x.
Best regards, Alex