V-Leaflet and custom tiles

I am developing a new Vaadin 7 Application and i need to display some map data.
Assuming that v-leaflet is the way to go now in Vaadin 7 (I know, its early development stage, but openlayers has no official add-on yet), how can I add a new layer with custom tiles?

I have a high resolution image of a certain area, where some features shall be drawn (lines, points etc…). I have generated the tiles and the folder structure seems to be correct.

The Layer can be done with something like this:

BaseLayer customLayer = new BaseLayer();
      customLayer.setName( "mylayer" );

//add it to the Map

I am wondering, where do I need to place the tiles in my application structure and what would be the URL then?
I am running the project from eclipse with jetty:run.

I just managed on my own;

I placed the tiles folder with the common tiles structures (“…/tiles/{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg”) unter the /src/main/webapp/VAADIN folder.
Then the url for the layer is:

customLayer.setTms(true); //neccessary, otherwise nothing is shown