Using Vaadin with Documentum xCP (Problem with upload)


I’m looking to use Vaadin to implement a RIA within Documentum xCP, specifically Taskspace. I’ve been able to get a basic Vaadin app running within Taskspace. For this I had to make several entries to map the Vaadin specific servlet calls correctly. (I could not use “/*” for mapping, since there are several other servlets within Taskspace).

Now, I have been testing the upload sample (this one I got it to work fine standalone. However, when I try this within Taskspace, it seems to time out.

Here is the firebug log when running standalone. (Click images to see full versions)

Here is the firebug log when running inside Taskspace.

I can see from the response that the upload does not get started. I realize this is no issue with Vaadin, but rather specific to what I am trying. My hope is that someone who has done something similar or understands how the upload works behind the scenes can throw some light on how I can get around this.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Here is a look at my web.xml