Using vaadin in portlets on Weblogic Portal 10.3


We are looking into using vaadin in portlets to be run on WLP 10, does anyone have experience with this either WLP10 or older version is appreciated?

Also have anyone tested to run portlets (vaadin) over WSRP?

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I just tested a test portal which contains a remote portlet (WSRP) which is a Vaadin application, all on WebLogic Server 10.3. The application does seem to work, but I haven’t tested it exhaustively.
I’m now trying to test calling a custom event in a normal local portlet and have it trigger an event in the Vaadin remote portlet and cause something to change in the Vaadin application. I’m looking for some help getting that to work. Basically, the custom event is being received on the producer side but I don’t know how to take the payload and get it into the Vaadin application because I access the payload as part of the HTTP request object and I don’t know how to bridge the HTTP request framework to the Vaadin framework.

Any resolution to this… I am running into the same issue.

I have a summary portlet when clicking a link I would like for it to open up a portlet with a detail related to the specific summary item clicked.

Any guidance would be appreciated!