Using Vaadin in Liferay

I am a little bit stuck at the moment. I read the very nice book of Vaadin and now I want to get active and ‘play’ ab bit with some examples. I have read the tutorial on how to get startet with Vaadin and I have read the Liferay-Wiki article about integrating Vaadin portlets:

Link to the article

So I installed the Vaadin Eclipse-plugin, created a sampleportlet according to the instructions, as to the point where it says to set a mark at ‘Creating portlet configuration’, since I do not have this option displayed, when creating a Vaadin project. However the liferay-specific files seem to be crated. When I try to deploy this project as a war-file, the tomcat log states a DeploymentException, as shown in the attachment to this post.

I did a complete reinstall of the newes version of Liferay (6.0), but the error persists. I tried to deploy the sample-mail-vaadin-application to Liferay. The tomcat console states that ‘deployment will start in a few seconds’, but thats pretty much about it. Nothing more…

Can anybody explain, what is happening here?


There seems to be a
Bad version number
error in the trace. Try using Java 5 for compiling the WAR.

So I have to go back to Java Compiler 1.5?


The Liferay-Tomcat bundles come with a Java 5 runtime environment, so you must compile your portlet project using Java 5 to be able to run it.

Just go to the
Java Compiler
Project Facets
sections in your Eclipse project properties and set the compiler compliance level to 1.5 and the project Java Facet to version 5.0

Ahh…so Version 1.5 does not mean 1.5 or above. Another chaper for the book ‘How not tu rule things out.’ Many thanks.