Using Vaadin Designer: How to make the page responsive to changes in screen size.

Hello, I am still fairly new to programming and ive just finished building the logic behind my first project. I’m trying to add some UI to it but the page is not responsive to changes in screen size and from my understanding (although it may be wrong) this meta tag should have handled that


have I made a wrong assumption here? And could any one advise on how to approach making it responsive to changes in screen size.

As you can see in the image there when I change the view to phone it doesnt resize all the components.

thank you for any advice

Your assumption is kind of wrong, yeah. Responsive layouting is kind of a big topic, but you might look into Flexbox (see for example CSS Flexbox Responsive) and take advantage of the Lumo utility classes: Utility Classes | Lumo | Styling | Vaadin Docs

thank you, ill look into them