Using the Vaadin Visual Editor

Hello all. I am new to Vaadin and working my way through the Book of Vaadin using Eclipse. All has been working fine up until I try and launch the Visual Editor. To do so I click New | Other | Vaadin | Vaadin Composite. When I click Finish a message pops up saying “Could not start XULRunner (version 1,.9 or higher required)…”

I’ve spend some time trying to fix this. I’ve installed XULRunner 1.9 manually, I’ve tried using an install package from SourceForge, whatever I do, I cannot get rid of this message (other than ignore it). Anyone have this issue? If it helps, I’m using Eclipse Juno SR 2 on Windows 2008 Standard Server.


Is the visual editor working for you after the message is shown? If so, it falls back to the system browser (probably IE in your case), and you can select “do not show this again” in the XULRunner dialog. Make sure you are using the latest version of the Vaadin plug-in for Eclipse.

There are other threads about XULRunner on the forum as well, one of the key issues is that Mozilla has not been making a 64-bit version of XULRunner for Windows whereas it is one of the few browsers supported as an embedded browser in Eclipse.

If the visual editor is not working after clicking ok in the dialog, what happens next?

Hello Henri,

Thank you for the response. The visual editor appears to work fine after the dialog, so I’ll just click do not show again and all is well.

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