Using sprites and Menubar/Tabsheet

Hi all,

I would like to use sprites in some Vaadin components instead of images. For example in the Menubar, you can set a Resource that later will be transformed as an html tag. I did a small test and created a big image with some icons and then overriding the Menubar and changing the behavior of the widget to replace the tag that is generated with a

and set to this div a new style using the sprite that I want. The problem is that if want to add this “new” system to the Tabsheet I have to override again and again and then I will find another component that has to be overrided too and finally I will have to override all vaadin components :slight_smile:

Another idea could be to replace the menubar item with an image (icon+text) but then if I want just to change the icon (or the language) I will have to create a new image…

Any ideas how to achieve this without overriding Vaadin components?