Using offline cache - How to adapt the <html> tag

I would like to use the offline cache for my touchkit2 - application.

I read that i have to define the cache.manifest file like this:

But how can i append this part: manifest=“cache.manifest” ?

Or is there another way in order to use the offline cache?

Html tag is written in in TouchKitApplicationServlet (comes from AbstractApplicationServlet) extend application servlet and write your own html tag there.

What exactly would be cached?

Just to make sure this is clear: only a small static HTML page (that just contains some loader code) and static resources (widgetsets and themes under /VAADIN) can really be cached, Vaadin applications are running on the server side so you cannot run them off-line.

Of course, this is clear to me. I just wanted to cache the images, widgetsets and theme.

The extention of the html-tag worked fine. Thanks for this hint.

But actually i don’t know where to put my cache.manifest file?! Thats why i gave up with that what i wanted to do. I am also thinking, that actually the most part of the time while starting up is used for init hibernate (after server startup → so actually just the first time)…