Using micornaut and vaadin together in a maven project

Hi There,
I would like to use the vaadin in micronaut project. I am using the maven as a build tool. I am trying to include vaadin dependencies into the pom . But not really having success in running the project.
has anybody already did that or have experience with that.
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Read this java - Vaadin - Micronaut integration - Stack Overflow

The second answer is from Graeme Rocher, the founder of Micronaut

Thanks for the Answer.
Well I would like to use the Micronaut Beans available to me from a dependent project. The only catch is how The spring context would know about and autowire them.

There is this documentation from micronaut that also describes how this can be done. However, It is not working for me in a Vaadin based springboot application. the bean are simple cant be found.

Using Micronaut Modules with Spring

I hope some once from vaadin might help in this regard.


We are using Micronaut with Spring for our Vaadin Apps.

Basically all you need is:

new SpringApplicationBuilder()
  new MicronautApplicationContext().tap { 

This groovy Syntax.

Thanks. I am trying to do that, However the class MicronautApplicationContext is not found.

It would really great if you could tell which dependicies of micronaut you are using in spring.

var builder = new SpringApplicationBuilder();
var context = new MicronautApplicationContext();

Thanks for the link. I am using Vaadin-Springboot starter. Please find attached the example project. I have created MicronautService and SpringService add the Micronaut context as parent to Spring Application context. However spring claims not to found my MicronautService.
Project Vaadin and Micronaut
I am missing something here but not getting it. can you please compare it with your implementation and give me a hint.
Thanks a lot in advance.

We are pretty busy but I’ll try to find some time to have a look at it

I would really appreciate that. I am kind of stuck with it. Thanks in advance

Sorry, but I can’t download the file…
What about providing your project as Codeberg [1], GitLab [2] or GitHub repo.