Using itmill with Maven

Hi everybody!

I use Maven in eclipse and I have a problem for using CustomLayout. In the sampler, the file ‘examplecustomlayout.html’ is located in “WebContent/ITMILL/themes” but in Maven architecture, there isn’t a WebContent folder?? How could I do??


Are ou are using maven-archetype-webapp? If so, then you should use src/main/webapp/ITMILL/themes

I am using maven-archetype-webapp! So OK! But when I launch my application I have already this message : “Layout file layouts/examplecustomlayout.html is missing. Components will be drawn for debug purposes.” Is it a special architecture in themes where I have to put my file?

Sorry it’s OK I have found alone!!!

So what was the problem?

I don’t put my folder layout in the good folder! I had to put it in ITMILL/themes/default/, it was written in the error console but I didn’t see it!